Our Vision and Mission

To empower, unify, and educate young women to ensure safety from intimate partner violence.

To educate young women in high school through college about dating violence by providing an interactive programs and events focused on building self-esteem, increasing the awareness of dating violence, and teaching intervention techniques.

Our programs are designed to bring women together and promote self-esteem through fashion, beauty, music, and social life.

Women Speaking Out is dedicated to celebrating as well as empowering young women by making resources available in any way possible.


WSO Hawaii coordinates statewide awareness and preventative measures to reduce dating violence by providing:

Peer training activities

Training activities for females in high school through college

Public awareness

Public awareness and referral services

Group engagement

Volunteer opportunities and community events

Innovative and trendy events

Fundraisers, fashion and art shows, music performances

We are making a difference thanks to the support of individuals and businesses that share a commitment to ending dating violence. Make a donation right now and support our educational initiatives.

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